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Creating a visual image that will last a lifetime. Specializing in fashion, beauty, portraiture and event photography.


Develops fresh and unique ideas for brands and determines what makes products appealing to consumers.

Establishing a strategy to help boost your image is key. It often begins with a custom logo that get's the audience hooked.

CD Artwork Mockup-kanita.jpg

A visual concept that we can take from your mind and bring to life in a graphic design that fits all your needs.

A powerful place online where your virtual presence can show the world who you are and what you do.

The visual part that's needed to help bring statements to life. Whether a motion promo, music video, commercial, event + more.

Studio Microphone

An audible sound that captivates the

audience, whether a score for a movie,

voiceover, your next song or podcast! 


Responsible for the musical aspects of a performance, recording project, cinematic production, musical or organization. (4).gif

We work with photographers, as well as general clients who need retouching or image culling for their brand or personal use.


Creating Online Presence

Alexander Le’Jo is that guy! His creative eye and artistic perspective are so on point and fresh! He definitely knows his stuff and works very hard. I love that someone works just as hard for my brand than I do! 


He knew exactly what I was looking for and exceeded my expectations! He made the overwhelming task of rebuilding a complete website easy for me! I now feel that my site represents me and my work, thanks to A1 Media Agency!